Workplace Investigation Services

Workplace investigation covers all such forms of investigation which are needed to be performed on workmen secretly in order to verify if they are indulging into any kind of anti-management activities. We are a part of the GREVESGROUPĀ®, operating from Dubai, UAE with the name of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC. We also have international offices in New Delhi, India and also available in more than 115 countries through our network of partners and associates. The basic objective of workplace investigations is to find out any episodes of professional misconduct, in which, one or more employees may be indulging. It is important to make sure that your organization is hiring trustworthy employees and the workplace has no internal issues. Our partners & associates are well experienced & qualified and have complete expertise in conducting undercover investigations at workplaces. Our accurate results and real time reporting helps you prevent the internal frauds which can cause serious loss to your business.

We have clients who have hired our investigators to find out any episodes of espionage, confidentiality breach or anti management activities, including theft of data or physical theft. We have the capability to place undercover agents in your business premises who shall report to you in real-time, the activities and conduct of all staff personnel and shall attribute particular attention to any particular personnel whom they are asked to keep a watch on. We offer the below mentioned services which help you keep your workplace safe against alleged harassment, theft, workplace violence, fraud or other types of dishonesty or misconduct on part of employees.

  • Workplace Theft - We use new methods and technology to trace a work place theft and even resort to the use of suitable gadgets as and when required.
  • Workplace Violence - We have been doing the investigation and prevention of violence in workplace for years now and our success rate speaks for us. We work with our clients to prevent violent workplace incidents by identifying physical and organizational risks, identifying potential offenders, developing written policies for workplace conduct. Our workplace violence prevention team serves you across the globe with the help of our partner/associates.
  • Undercover Investigations - Our undercover agent will just gel into your organization as any other employee and will keep an eye in every department of yours and will report to you on daily basis.
  • Employee Misconduct - Unfortunately Employee Misconduct is becoming significantly common in present times. It is a common occurrence in companies that often goes unnoticed for lengthy time periods, and sometimes may be completely undetected. Our work place investigators will find the details of every small event in your organization and report back to you with adequate evidences.
  • Conflict of Interest - At times, an employee may enter into an out-of-office business or may start a parallel competition and resort to unethical practices like client poaching. Our expert investigators identify such unscrupulous elements from your staff through their overall behavior and conduct and report the conflict of interest with proper corroborative evidence.
  • Worker Compensation Claim - We take care if any fake workers compensation claim is filed and if it has been filed, we find out the truth about the same through our in-depth investigations.

Using our business report search services, you can ascertain the directorship details, address of the company, and field of work, shareholder details and financial strength of the entity etc. In addition to that we offer corporate record search service to screen out individuals and the companies at various fronts. Such company credit reports are used to examine their financial potential and if they have any red flags on them. Our corporate due diligence investigators are well experienced and have complete expertise in digging out business credit report in limited time.

To know more about ourworkplace investigations process or to use any of our workplace theft investigation services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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