Potential Client Investigation Services

Potential client investigation is necessary in today’s economy, and should be conducted before considering any business.

We are a part of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC (GREVESGROUP®); operating from Dubai, UAE providing corporate risk investigation services all across the globe. We have been providing Business due diligence service to our clients through our operational network of associates and partners in more than 115 countries, thereby making us omnipresent in almost all parts of the world. Our network covers Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

We highly recommend Prospective client investigation to all our clients as it helps them mitigate potential risks which may arise from an association with the wrong party. We conduct Pre-deal/Pre-hire investigations, through which all the legal issues and red flags on the company or the individual are detected before the association actually starts. We are conducting business due diligence investigation for years now and our clients are very well satisfied with our work. Our clientele includes, Lawyers, Solicitors, Business houses, Law Firms, Local and International clients etc.

Our aim is to provide wide range of services to our clients and help them with the assistance they require crucially at a particular time. Our services include; Business headquarter location identification, Brand value investigation, Shareholder Intelligence, International joint ventures assessment, Legal Due Diligence, Reputational Due Diligence, Government and political affiliations check, Mergers & Acquisitions check, legal filings, Court records searches for suits liens and judgments, Bankruptcy records check, Local and international media search, Verification of compliance with regulatory agencies, Confirmation of specialized licensure, Financial research, Verification of registration, Character And Reputation Evaluation, Watch lists checks, Anti-corruption due diligence, Global verify, comprehensive government sanctions, and County Civil Records etc.

Our due diligence investigators are the best when it comes to Company background investigations and they dig every related fact which can be of any help to you. Our operations assist team members remain online every hour to protect you from fraudsters and are keeping you safe from corporate frauds. Our name in the corporate security sector is at a respectable position because of its best in-class due diligence investigators.

Our motto is to wipe out any possibility of a corporate fraud at our client’s premises and secure them from potential losses. Our potential client investigation services help you take better informed decisions for the betterment of your business. We have over the years, built a team of expert and high caliber corporate investigators for discreet corporate investigations who adhere to the best of industry standards and always remain ethical in discharge of their duties. To know more about our due diligence services, or to avail any of our corporate background investigation services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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