Criminal & Civil Litigation Checks

Greetings from GREVESGROUPĀ®, we warm heartedly welcome you to our civil and criminal litigation support portal. In civil/criminal litigation support, our primary job function is the management, processing and presentation of essential case materials, documents and data that attorneys require to manage their cases effectively. Our duties include evaluating and recommending the purchase of new products and services that can facilitate efficient electronic discovery as well as document/data/fact management, and trial presentation. Our criminal and civil litigation check services are mainly for business owners, banking staff, money handlers of the company, c-level executives etc. We have perfectly tailored services for our clients that can be utilized at any point of time.

Hereby, we are providing all the litigation support you would be requiring in any of your checks. We check the country of residency of the subject for any previous or currently pending civil case, which ensures safety of doing business/partnership or for any particular corporate purpose. We check several jurisdictions to avoid any kind of errors while conducting such checks. We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE known as Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC. Our corporate due diligence investigators are well qualified and experienced to provide high standard of service consistently and understand the extensive enquiries related to the corporate sector.

We closely work with Law firms, Attorneys, Corporate house's, in-house counsel who retain our services to gather appropriate and necessary supporting evidence through interviews, surveillance and investigation. We provide an extensive range of reliable & confidential litigation support service including assessment of expert witnesses and judgment asset tracing. We follow strict company guidelines and work without violating local laws. Our litigation support team and its members are available in 100+ countries, who are well aware of local laws and what can be done best in any matter. Our litigation support service helps in locating and identifying records which are not found on country level search. Our investigative checks are well organized and in depth searches are also involved at district levels. Such checks will also prevent negligent hiring, as the criminal and civil checks are conducted to examine their past records.

We uncover the truth and reveal the exact facts about the subject through which a safer and well thought decisions could be taken. Our well managed support services are best in class and are available at economical rates. We have experienced and highly qualified litigation support officers in our team to examine the past records of the subject. Our main aim is to check multiple jurisdictions to check possible records of subject. We are working to wipe out every kind of fraud which can hit your business hard and cause loss. We assure you of best tailor made civil litigation support to you and our operators are working 24/7 to solve your issues.

To know more about our litigation check service or to acquire any of our civil/criminal litigation check services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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