Business Background Investigation Services

Business Background Investigation is an in-depth investigation service which is conducted to assess the overall credence and capabilities of prospective business partners and entities while contemplating new business ventures. This service is critically required for gaining an insight into the real time competence, capabilities and strengths of the prospective entities so as to mitigate the risks at the initial stage itself. We are a part of Greves Verification Solutions (GREVESGROUP®); operating from Dubai (U.A.E) providing corporate risk investigation services all across the globe. We have been providing Business due diligence service to our clients through our operational network of associates and partners in more than 115 countries, thereby making us omnipresent in almost all parts of the world. Our network covers Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Our business is to protect your business from risks and threats which can be of loss to your organization. We as background screeners have complete expertise in conducting online background checks. Our services act as a fact finding tool before any crucial business decision is taken. Our investigation service at times plays a pivotal role in board room discussions when overall assessments of a business deal under negotiation is required to be done.

A brief description of the various forms of our due diligence investigation services is as under:

  • Key Business Personnel Identification - Many often it has been observed that the man who may appear to be occupying the top slot in an organization, may actually not be the most important person in the organization and there would be another key functionary in the setup. We identify such key personnel of the organization through our discrete sources and by conducting in-depth online/offline searches. So that our client knows about the structure and strength of the other company in order to proceed accordingly with them.
  • Business Site Verification - We conduct business site verification according to your requirements, to verify if the business is operating from its known or publicized address, or if the business is active on the mentioned address. This is critically required to make a real time assessment of the tall claims which entities make at times, about their presence and locations. It may so happen that the address being widely publicized as the corporate office address of the company may turn out to be false.
  • Business Headquarter Location Identification - There are many factors for which the headquarter identification is necessary.Our business due diligence investigative services will find the business headquarter location as well to ascertain the size and strength of the business and to assess the overall scale of operations of the subject entity.
  • Verification of Compliance with Regulatory Agencies - Our team investigates and checks whether the subject entity is complying with all regulatory agencies’ requirements and if there any are compliance issues surrounding the subject entity. This enables our clients to mitigate the risks of a possible litigation or compliance penalty in future.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - Our services are vitally important for potential mergers and acquisitions as key factors like overall reputation of the subject entity in the market, credit worthiness and history of litigations, willful defaults etc, are some parameters on which very careful study needs to be done before contemplating any merger or acquisition.
  • Legal Filings & Comprehensive Government Sanctions - Our due diligence officers are well trained & experienced to check on legal filing history of any company or individual and also a comprehensive verification is conducted on government sanctions, if any.
  • Confirmation of Specialized Licensure - Our in house team is well capable of verifying on specialized license issued to an organization or an individual.
  • Financial Research - Financial Research checks are conducted to provide a clear picture of the subject company/individual.
  • Watch Lists Checks/Red Corner Information - It is of crucial importance to check that the subject entity does not have any red corner information about it and is not indulging into any wrongful activities. It is equally important to ensure that the subject entity does not have any dubious connections or terrorist links etc, something which is not a too distant possibility in today’s world. Our expert investigators work on these angles also and make sure that that there is nothing unusual about the subject entity.
  • County Civil Records - Under civil record search, we cover; court records, ID search, Passport search etc. We assure you of extensive range of civil search services globally.
  • Anti-Corruption Due Diligence - We recommend our clients to devote adequate attention to anti-corruption due-diligence of third parties with whom they engage.
  • Legal Due Diligence - In our legal due diligence investigation process, you will get complete assessment of the possible legal risks related to the corporate status, assets, securities, intellectual property and contracts of the target company.
  • Reputational Due Diligence - Reputational due diligence investigation service will identify if the targeted business is having ill fame in the market because of their work ethics or there are any fraud cases on them.
  • Government & Political Affiliations - The purpose of this due diligence check on affiliation is to help you in performing a due diligence analysis when a potential partner/associate has government contracts.
  • Court Records for Suits, Liens & Judgments - Our due diligence investigators also search for court records for suits, liens and judgments, so as to analyze if the subject entity is too much entangled into litigation.
  • Bankruptcy Records for Commercial or Personal Filings - We also dig out bankruptcy records, if any, for that are required when commercial transactions are being negotiated and considered between the parties.
  • Brand Value - Brand value check is also conducted by us, to know the exact value of brand in the market. It is an outcome of the holistic multi-point evaluation of the brand under examination and covers all parameters which build a brand.
  • Shareholder Intelligence - We conduct shareholder due diligence to provide a detailed report to our clients. Shareholder intelligence is conducted to examine the status of the individual shareholder or a group of shareholders in order to examine if there are any red flags on them or if such shareholders are otherwise excessively indebted etc., so that further steps can be taken within the right time or we can refrain ourselves from indulging into any business activities with such persons.
  • Verification of Registration - If you doubt about the proper registration of a company, we conduct thorough check to ascertain the details of the Registration and also pull out the relevant documents to establish the authenticity of the same.

Our aim is to wipe out possibility of any corporate crime so to protect the interests of our clients and save them from the catastrophic event of future losses. Our Business background investigation services help you take better informed decisions for the betterment of your business. For rendering the above services, we have gathered and chosen excellent and high caliber corporate investigators, many of whom are former enforcement officials. To know more about our due diligence investigative services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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