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Warm greetings from, providers of the best international corporate due diligence investigation services. We are a part of the GREVESGROUP® operating from Dubai, UAE as Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC, a well-known corporate risk investigation company. We have international offices in New Delhi, India and also have a vast network of associates and partner offices in more than 115 countries of the world.

Any important business decision involves due care and caution and it therefore becomes essential to conduct a thorough Due Diligence investigation before taking crucial decisions. This applies especially when new recruits, new partners and new entities are involved. It is of crucial importance to assess the ability and competence of a prospective business partner, his reputation in the market and his stability, credit worthiness, political affiliations & inclinations, history of litigation and financial strength. This is done to mitigate all the risks which may arise out of the new venture, to the maximum extent possible. Due Diligence is like a safety check and is very important for any organization which is contemplating any new business venture with a prospective partner entity or individual.

Our detailed third party due diligence investigation services provide our clients with an extensive report on the business practices, regulatory compliances, credit worthiness, financial strength and stability and legal standard of the target company along with any other ‘’red flag’’ information that we may gather during the course of an investigation. It helps our client to evaluate the prospective business proposals and risks involved from several aspects and thus contribute very effectively to risk mitigation.

Our Due Diligence services are a handy tool which empowers our clients to detect all possibilities of fraud or fraudulent intent on the part of the other entity, on the basis of the comprehensive character sketch of the other party which emerges from our in-depth investigation. This detailed exercise often covers investigations which are conducted in multiple locations and countries where the subject entity claims a presence. To falsely magnify the problem more than what it actually is has become a common practice in the business fraternity while negotiating deals. This is where our Due Diligence service plays a pivotal role in bringing the ground reality to the surface and presenting the real picture to our client.

Our team of seasoned Due Diligence Investigators has been conducting investigations in areas related to health care fraud, tele calling fraud, corporate fraud etc. We have been providing our expert investigation services to corporate firms, businesses, law firms, attorneys, financial institutions and individuals who need to examine and mitigate the risk of internal as well as external fraud. Our investigative methodology is not confined only to public searches and open source intelligence; we gather all possible evidence on the ground and corroborate it with our technical findings and then provide a holistic report of the investigation to the client. We work with the aim of eliminating corporate crime and save companies, organizations and individuals from possible losses which may prove to be detrimental to their growth.

Our team is well equipped with the latest technology designed to generate effective and accurate results. For example, advanced photography equipment, video recording camera zoom lenses, and night vision support advance telecommunication systems.

We help companies and individuals through our extensive experience to resolve various issues of corporate fraud or conflict with their employees or competitors. Our consistent track record of providing a maximum success rate has helped us to become one of the leading and well known corporate investigation companies on the market. Our Due Diligence team is fully equipped with the latest technology equipment and our investigators with unbeatable experience and knowledge.

Our strong worldwide network of partners and associates gives us access to some of the remotest locations of the world where we are able to extend our services, thereby making us the undisputed market leader with the widest possible outreach. Our service locations effectively cover the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, and South America.

To know more about our Company background investigations or corporate due diligence research, kindly write to us at [email protected]

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