Supply Chain Due Diligence Investigation Services

Vendor screening or supply chain due diligence is important to avoid supply chain risks. We are a part of GREVESGROUPĀ®, operating from Dubai, UAE with the name of Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC. We also have international offices in New Delhi, India and also available in more than 115 countries through a network of our partners and associates. The supply chain reliability checks are an essential element of all businesses today. A pilferage in the supply china management can lead to recurring losses in a business, which can prove to be acutely detrimental to the overall growth and sustenance of the business. Supply chain due diligence investigation includes various aspects; reputational risk management and supplier/customer/ distributer/retailer due diligence. Our consolidated report will include every minute detail about the supply chain and shall give you an insight of any potential threat in it. Our partners & associates are well experienced & qualified and have complete expertise in conducting due diligence investigations of supply chains. Our accurate due diligence results help you prevent the internal frauds which can cause serious loss to your business on both financial and reputational fronts. Various services we offer to our clients are mentioned below:

  • Vendor Profiling - We provide vendor screening service across the globe through our due diligence investigators. It is our job and responsibility to ensure that your vendors remain in compliance with the policies of your company and do not enter into any pilferage or malpractice.
  • Know Your Supplier - We make sure through our supply chain investigation process that you know your supplier thoroughly. We assure you that our methods lead to a reduced supply chain risk.
  • Know your Distributor/Agent - Our investigation process includes the distributor information through which you can know the current customers of your distributors and with whom is your agent/distributor is working with.
  • Check for Reputational Risk - A reputational risk check is also conducted while examining a supply chain to avoid any chance of risk from any of the supply chain members, who may be of doubtful integrity.
  • Sanctions Screening - Sanctions screening is the process of analyzing sanctions lists to check if any investor in your Fund is involved in financial crime or terrorism. Our in-depth screening process will reveal everything which is related to sanctions.
  • Verify Line of Business & Actual Business Conducted - We cross check what all business are in operation by the supplier, distributor, vendor or any other member in the chain. This helps in reducing the risk of getting in relation with any party which may be running some illegal businesses or may be indulging into wrongful acts.

Our supply chain investigation services are best in class and are offered at affordable costs. Through our supply chain investigation reports, you can know your vendor, supplier, distributor, the reputation they have, screening checks, actual business terms etc. We also offer background check investigations to screen out suppliers or any other supply chain member which is suspected at various fronts.

To know more about our supply chain due diligence process or to use any of our due diligence investigation services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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