Business Site/Location Verification

Warm and hearty welcome to our online portal of Business Physical Verification, providing quality physical verification analysis reports at economical rates. Our main aim is to mitigate risks which are about to hit our clients. Through our onsite inspection service our potential clients clear the doubts of subject business operations on their address. We at GREVESGROUP® are committed towards excellent quality of work, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our clients. Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC; is a part of GREVESGROUP® operating from Dubai, UAE. We also have international offices in New Delhi, India and also available in more than 115 countries through our partners and associates. Our partners & associates are well qualified and have complete expertise in conducting business physical inspections and in depth investigations. Our accurate solutions help you prevent the corporate frauds which can cause serious loss to your future strategies. Our business location verification officers are well experienced and has complete expertise in conducting due diligence investigations.

Our business address verification officers will get deeper insights with confirming operation of business, photographs of the location, key personnel details, area of the office, reputation in the nearby area, strength of employees in the organization and much more. These information helps the client to build trust on subject’s business and this leads to a fruitful relation between partnerships/company collaborations etc. We protect you from those fraud organizations which are just virtual and not physical in existence, and are fooling other companies to invest their money into fraud projects. Our verification services are specialized in onsite inspection of business which will reveal all the above mentioned factors. To conduct physical verification of business, where an exact walk around or inspection is necessary on outside/inside of the business property is best conducted by us. It is actually the need of every business collaboration or before investment check which needs to be conducted to ensure the safety on the particular project.

We believe that the physical part is the most important part of business due diligence which has to be given the topmost priority in the whole process of a business due diligence investigation. As these checks will reveal the exact facts about the subject business or entity through which a safer and well thought decisions could be taken. Our address verification investigators are well experienced and have complete expertise in making open/discreet enquiries about the subject company. We have executed experienced and highly qualified business due diligence investigators to examine the location of business and collect all the relevant details. We also conduct physical verification of assets and obtain details about the owner and verify it to the core to come at a conclusion. We are working to wipe out every kind of fraud which can hit your business hard and cause loss. We have executed excellent and high caliber corporate investigators for the discreet/open location investigations with proper work ethics.

To know more about our address verification services or to acquire any of our corporate due diligence investigative services, kindly write to us at [email protected].

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