Corporate Background Check Services

We aim to maintain your organizations’ security by performing corporate & business verifications to protect your company from possible threats. Greves Verification Solutions DWC LLC is a part of the GREVESGROUP®, operating from Dubai, UAE. We have international offices in New Delhi, India and also available in more than 115 countries through our partners and associates. Our partners & associates are well qualified and have complete expertise in conducting background verification services. Our accurate solutions help you prevent the corporate frauds which can cause serious loss to your business in future.

Recruitment of correct employees for an organization is a vital part which is the key to run a business successfully. Background screening services provided by our background screeners is tailor made and helps you in selecting the right candidate for your business. Verification service is best provided by us as hiring an honest employee for the job has always been an essential need of every corporate and business house. We provide extensive range of Background Screening Services to leading organizations all over the world. The services are as follows and the list won’t end here, we have tailor made solution to all your queries related to background check investigations.

  • Vendor Screening & Integrity - We recommend vendor screening to all our clients and it should be utilized to ensure that they know with whom they are doing business. It could be a serious legal issue if you partner with a criminally motivated vendor or with someone who may have had a tainted past or may be having a plethora of legal cases pending against him. Vendor compliance should be a necessary part of your vendor management scheme. We assure you of best vendor background screening services at your locale.
  • Past Employment Check - We provide employment verification services to ensure that the information provided by a potential candidate is true and correct and there have been no concealments. Employment Background Check is a necessity in today’s global economy and the prospective employer needs to know every aspect about the candidate in order to be sure whether the candidate should be hired or not. We provide pre/post-employment checks to clients.
  • Criminal History - We are capable of collecting the data of the court records which is sometimes required urgently in order to check the criminal history of a person and it is also very much important to know the real truth. We are able to assess the criminal records whether he/she is under the category of Felony or Misdemeanor.
  • Education & Professional Verification - We conduct educational qualification check for each employee on the basis of their qualification certificates submitted with the employer. Today, a large number of applicants are making false & wrong qualification claims in their CVs to get a good job. It is necessary to check them through education verification checks.
  • Documents Verification - We provide document verification service to our clients who want to verify if the documents submitted to them are right. Our document verification process covers verification of all the documents like birth, marriage and change-of-name certificates, citizenship certificates, driver licenses, Medicare cards, passports, Immigration Cards, visas, Professional Membership Verification and much more.
  • Reference Check - Reference check is checking up the credentials of a potential candidate or a new recruit from a point of reference he has provided from the previous organization. This is essentially required to know more about him and his employment history, educational background, and qualifications for a job.
  • Identity Check - Under identity verification service, we cover ID background checks, ID verification, ID driver check. Our verification officers are the best when it comes to Identity checks.

Using our background check services, you can ascertain the identity, character check, educational qualification, criminal history and financial capabilities of the candidate. In addition to that we serve effective background screenings to screen out individuals and the companies at various fronts. With such check on companies, our clients get to know the real financial potential of a subject company. Our background check investigators are well experienced and have complete expertise in conducting background check investigations.

To know more about our background screening services or to avail background checks service, please write to us at [email protected].

We've broadened our due diligence investigation services to incorporate a skilled team of local due diligence investigators in Angola, in addition to our existing operations in Zambia. This expansion enhances our capability to thoroughly and efficiently manage corporate due diligence matters throughout both regions.

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